Got a Sexual Fetish?

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Do you have a Sexual Fetish?  There is Probably a Dating Site for That.  Author: Dawn Michael Via @Your Tango Online dating sites are FINALLY catching up to our desires. There are so many opportunities to find romance in this new world of online dating sites. In the search for your perfect match, you're not [...]

Fetish Ball Costume Ideas

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Fetish Ball Costume Ideas that Will be Sure to Fit Your Budget  Author: J With The Victorian Fetish Ball a little over a month away, it is time to start thinking about costumes. Now, we know that some of you are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on your costume this year. Over the [...]

A Vice Writer Took a Tinder Date to a Montreal Peep Show

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I took My Tinder Date to a Montreal Peep Show Author: Stephen Keefe Via @Vice It was the kind of place where the mysterious stains are exactly what you think they are. Wherever there are people, there is masturbation. From the plains in Africa to the mines in Mongolia, to the Denny’s on the side of [...]

Inside the Gut-Stuffing World of the Feederism Fetish

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Inside the Gut-Stuffing World of Feederism  Via @Vice Author: Hillary Eaton Even as size-acceptance movements continue to grow in the Western world, people still fear fat. They worry about becoming fat themselves or criticize it in others, often under the troll-like guise of caring for a stranger’s health. But that is not the case when it comes [...]

Twenty of The Best Adults Only Halloween Parties

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Twenty of The Best Adults Only Halloween Parties  Via @The Westword Author: Bree Davies Party goers from last year's Exotica Erotica Ball, going on this year in both Denver and Boulder. Brandon Marshall for Westword. Halloween takes over the month of October, providing plenty of places to party and play in costume. There's a lot [...]

32 ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes That Make Absolutely No Sense

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32 ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes That Make Absolutely No Sense Via @Huffington Post Author: Andy McDonald & Katla McGlynn Watch video here There’s nothing wrong with a “sexy” Halloween costume, but lately the term “sexy” has been used just a bit too loosely, especially in the case of commercially produced costumes. When every option out there is Sexy This and Sexy That, eventually you run out of good ideas. We updated our original post to find even more costumes that someone thought needed to be inexplicably sexed up, even though they had no business doing so. 1 Killer Whale Imgur/Yandy Watch out, girl in a sexy seal costume! 2 Corn Yandy Just … what? Either you’re a HUGE fan of corn, or you drew the shortest straw. Guessing the latter. 3 Olaf From ‘Frozen’ Imgur/Yandy We can definitely let this one go. 4 Body Bag Imgur Right. 5 Bert Imgur/Yandy What would Ernie think? Wait, don’t answer that. 6 More ‘Sesame Street’ Characters Popular Character Costumes A hairy blue monster from a children’s show that eats nothing but cookies all day? SEXY. 7 ‘Biscuit Beast’ Imgur … Or if the REAL Cookie Monster is too sexy for you, there’s always “Biscuit Beast.” 8 Crayons Buy Costumes Perhaps the person who thought this was a good idea ATE a lot of crayons as a child. That would make sense. 9 Sudoku Buy Costumes Okay, this is just numbers on a dress. 10 Taxi Driver Spirit Halloween If you’ve seen a real taxi driver lately, chances are you don’t fantasize about him wearing something like this. 11 Real Estate Agent eBay She’ll sell you a house, and then … give you some papers to sign. 12 Medical Marijuana Dispenser Yandy That’s it! EVERY profession has to be sexy now. 13 CSI Agent Costume Supercenter Have you seen that show? The actors are already way hotter than any CSI in real life, so this just takes it even further. We can’t see the benefit of wearing a skirt that high while collecting evidence. 14 French Fries Yandy Sorry, Freedom Fries costume. 15 Pizza Yandy You’re gonna get a lot of “toppings” jokes, just forewarning. 16 Nun Ah, love the Biblically accurate high heels. 17 Skittles Buy Costumes Dress the rainbow. 18 Grateful Dead Bear Buy Costumes Everything the Dead were all about probably. 19 Waldo Buy Costumes You didn’t have to make it sexy for us to find you. 20 Wednesday from ‘The Addams Family’ Buy Costumes Let’s try to remember when we think up these “sexy” costumes, it’s best if the character they’re modeled after isn’t an underage girl. 21 Peasant Halloween Express Oh come on, what peasant in the history of peasantry has EVER looked like that? 22 Miss Scissorhands Halloween Express Yeah, disfigured mechanical scissor hands… SEXY. 23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Yandy They couldn’t be this sexy if they really lived in a sewer, ate nothing but pizza, and took orders from a giant rat. 24 Brian from ‘Family Guy’ Buy Costumes Oh yeah. They went there. 25 Freddy Krueger Costume Supercenter We know there are generic sexy version of devils and witches and other “scary” costumes, but, really? You can’t just put Freddy Krueger in a dress! […]

Vice Talked About Butts with the Woman Who Twerked to Beethoven

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Vice Talked About Butts with the Woman Who Twerked to Beethoven Author: Stephen Keefe Michelle L'amour performs "BUTTHOVEN'S 5TH SYMPHONY" from franky vivid onVimeo. By now you’ve probably seen the above viral video where Chicago-based burlesque dancer Michelle L’amour clenches her buttcheeks to the music of Beethoven's 5thSymphony. The moment I saw it I had so many [...]

How to Be Brave

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How to be Brave: 20 More Bold Acts that Count Via @The Bold Life Author: Tess Do you see yourself as the bold and courageous person that you are? Do you give yourself credit for the times in the past when you’ve been afraid and you’ve taken action anyway? I want you to begin to [...]

A Look Back at Denver’s Favorite Event: Victorian Fetish Ball

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A Look Back at Denver's Favorite Event: Victorian Fetish Ball Via @The Westword The eleventh annual Victorian Fetish Ball brought out the freaks (for a night anyway) to Diamond Cabaret on Saturday, October 23, 2010. Photos by Aaron Thackeray. Photos are not safe (unless your work is OK with this sort of thing) for viewing [...]

Victorian Fetish Ball and Fetish Events Around the Globe

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Victorian Fetish Ball and Fetish Events Around the Globe The global fetish community is as strong as it has ever been.  With popular events happening all around the world in places like Berlin, London and Los Angeles, finding a place to spark your imagination with like-minded individuals has never been easier. The fetish community is [...]

53 Awesome Quotes on Fear

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Headline: 53 Awesome Quotes on Fear Author: Tess Via @The Bold Life Don't sit in your fear, worry and doubt. It brings your energy down and creates a negative frame of mind. One of my favorite ways to release fear is to read quotes on overcoming it. I've found 53 Awesome Quotes on Fear. Allow [...]

Vice Spoke to a Mermaid About the Mermaid (and Merman) Bans in Canada

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We Spoke to a Mermaid About the Mermaid (and Merman) Bans in Canada  Author: Stephen Keefe Pissing off a mermaid (or merman) has got to be one of the saddest things you can do, along with abandoning a basket of puppies or canceling Christmas at an orphanage. Mermaids are wonderfully ethereal creatures who should be [...]

Victorian Fetish Ball 2014

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Last years Victorian Fetish Ball Author: Anonymous With the 2015 Victorian Fetish Ball almost upon us, we thought it would be nice to look back to last year and briefly reminisce on the 2014 Fetish ball. Diamond Cabaret was packed for the 15th consecutive year of the Fetish Ball, drawing all sorts of erotic get-ups and [...]

The Bold Life Show: You are a Risk Taker

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The Bold Life Show: You are a Risk Taker  Author: Tess Via @The Bold Life If you're anything like me you have some great ideas that you're afraid to act on. You probably  have fear around taking a risk and putting yourself out there. Today's video will help you understand how brave you already are. [...]

You Might Be Jeering at the Victims of the Ashley Madison Hack, but Watch Out: You’re Next

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You Might Be Jeering at the Victims of the Ashley Madison Hack, but Watch Out: You're Next July 29, 2015 Author: Martin Robbins Via @Vice A couple of weeks ago, Ashley Madison, a dating website for married folk, was hacked. Those responsible said the attack was a response to the fact Ashley Madison does not [...]

Change Your Energy, Spiral Upward and Soar

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10 Powerful Tips Change Your Energy, Spiral Upward and Soar  Via @The Bold Life Author: Tess We all experience days when nothing seems to stop our downward spiral. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself overwhelmed and overreacting to the technical difficulties I was experiencing online. I felt frustrated and angry that nothing seemed [...]

Love Versus Fear

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A Moment by Moment Choice Author: Tess Via @The Bold Life There are only two primary emotions that everyone experiences – love and fear.  All other emotions are derivatives of these two.  All of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors come from either a place of love or a place of fear. Anger, guilt, shame, inadequacy, [...]

Be Bold and Courageous

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Let Go and Allow Life to Unfold Via @The Bold Life Author: Tess Fear likes to be in charge. It wants me to forget that I’m not in control and nobody has put me in charge of the universe. Fear wants me to forget that I don’t have all of the answers and that manipulation [...]

Overcoming Your Fears

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These Two Things Are Anchoring You to Mediocrity Via @HuffingtonPost Author: Sarah Peterson You keep coming up with excuses. Yeah, you know they're excuses, but you can't stop yourself. Because if you don't try, you can't fail, right? And perhaps unsurprisingly to you, you know that these excuses are anchoring you to mediocrity. But don't [...]

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Headline Performer: Jean Bardot

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I Love Latex! And I love working from my dungeon. In one life, I'm a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented fetish artist who lives to create attractive fetish print, Web and film projects that serve their intended purpose. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence. In another [...]