Bob Garner

Thank you to the man who brought the level of these events to the next level through his love and support. Acclaimed forefather of theater in Denver. In loving memory of Robert Garner, the godfather of our events. October 29, 1931 – July 19, 2012

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Dwayne Thaden has been working away on helping design and build the amazing decor, lighting & venue ambiance that you enjoy at Kevin Larson Presents events. Behind the scenes, painting and managing are just a few specialties that Spooky brings the the table.

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Chad Julius

Chad Julius has been providing C-Level Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Operations, & Photography services for Kevin Larson Presents for over 15 years. Driven to small businesses of Colorado Chad owns multiple companies including CMJ Consulting & AF Photos LLC, both Denver Colorado based. If you are lucky you will catch him behind the [...]

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David Jimenez

David Graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and a minor in Economics. In 2010, He assisted in acquisition and retention efforts at the World Trade Center Denver and is currently working in the marketing department of a Fortune200 media company while working as Marketing Specialist in our team.

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Brian David Godeaux , better known by his stage name Hypnautic, is an American rapper from Denver, Colorado signed to ME MUSIC EMPIRE. His stage name was given for his ability to lead with his words, commanding presence, ability to inspire and his powerful influence. He captured Colorado after releasing two mix tapes, God Gave [...]

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Lisa Williams

Teaming up with Kevin Larson Presents in 2010, Lisa Williams has been an amazing addition! Handling marketing for national & international business  ventures, she is excited to have her home base be Denver, CO. Besides taking us to the higher level of marketing Lisa enjoys camping, skiing, backpacking & cooking.

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Holly Schlotterback

Holly J. Schlotterback continues to work in performance and production throughout Denver and the Front Range while managing for top salon, Rockstar Industries Inc. She is an active member in The Damsels Dance Company as a performer and has been producing various types of shows dating back to 2001.  Holly has extensive experience as a [...]

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