Inside the World of Fetish – Part 1

Yeah, like the deep, underworld of fetish. Have you been there? If you have, you might want to be careful who you share that with as not many of us are ready for a full on introduction to what the craziest of fetishes can be. So, for you novices out there, let’s take a quick peek inside [...]

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Why Is Fetish Considered a Bad Word?

If when you hear the word “fetish” you automatically feel guilty picturing your Grandma’s face of displeasure staring back at you with a waiving finger in your face, well, you might not be alone. This word conjures up many an emotion amongst even the most unorthodox of us all. But, why? And, does it have [...]

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Pop Sugar’s 40+ Sexy Last-Minute Costumes For Women

40+ Sexy Last-Minute Costumes For Women "If you don't have a Halloween costume yet, don't freak out. For all you lazy girls out there looking to spice up the traditionally spooky holiday, there are plenty of simple and easy ways to pull off a sexy costume — very little effort is required. We have put [...]

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Fetish Ball Costume Ideas

Fetish Ball Costume Ideas that Will be Sure to Fit Your Budget  Author: J With The Victorian Fetish Ball a little over a month away, it is time to start thinking about costumes. Now, we know that some of you are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on your costume this year. Over the [...]

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Inside the Gut-Stuffing World of the Feederism Fetish

Inside the Gut-Stuffing World of Feederism  Via @Vice Author: Hillary Eaton Even as size-acceptance movements continue to grow in the Western world, people still fear fat. They worry about becoming fat themselves or criticize it in others, often under the troll-like guise of caring for a stranger’s health. But that is not the case when it comes [...]

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Twenty of The Best Adults Only Halloween Parties

Twenty of The Best Adults Only Halloween Parties  Via @The Westword Author: Bree Davies Party goers from last year's Exotica Erotica Ball, going on this year in both Denver and Boulder. Brandon Marshall for Westword. Halloween takes over the month of October, providing plenty of places to party and play in costume. There's a lot [...]

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A Look Back at Denver’s Favorite Event: Victorian Fetish Ball

A Look Back at Denver's Favorite Event: Victorian Fetish Ball Via @The Westword The eleventh annual Victorian Fetish Ball brought out the freaks (for a night anyway) to Diamond Cabaret on Saturday, October 23, 2010. Photos by Aaron Thackeray. Photos are not safe (unless your work is OK with this sort of thing) for viewing [...]

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Headline Performer: Jean Bardot

I Love Latex! And I love working from my dungeon. In one life, I'm a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented fetish artist who lives to create attractive fetish print, Web and film projects that serve their intended purpose. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence. In another [...]

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