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Fetish Ball Costume Ideas that Will be Sure to Fit Your Budget 

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With The Victorian Fetish Ball a little over a month away, it is time to start thinking about costumes. Now, we know that some of you are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on your costume this year. Over the past week, I have considered some different costume ideas, for the Victorian Fetish Ball, with the help of ‘Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball’s’ blog.. These ideas will help you kill two birds with one stone; show some Halloween spirit, exude sexiness and remind everyone why you are at the 2015 Victorian Fetish Ball.

  1. Ceiling Fan:  A t-shirt with the letter: “Go Ceiling” on it and perhaps a megaphone and/or pom-pom’s for the last and final touch.
  2. French Kiss:  Kiss, the band, has definitely more identifiable faces with their face paint, but add a beret and Baguette to the mix with a group of friends and you have “French Kiss”
  3. Split P: Have a hoodie with a zipper? Just add a colorful “P” cut out of construction paper or have one added at the t-shirt shop and unzip it half way.
  4. Spice Rack: Grab a large cupped brassier from your mom’s drawer or the local thrift store and wear normally… add your favorite spices from your spice cabinet and wear proudly!
  5. Tickled Pink:  Drape yourself in pink from head to toe, and find a feathered pink boa from your local craft store or Halloween shop.
  6. Raining Cat’s and Dogs: Have kids that have more stuffed animals than they know what to do with?  Raid their toy box for the night and affix their kitties and puppies to a cloak or umbrella.
  7. Pot Brownie:  Find a brown sash or an original brownie sash with a few badges on it. Strategically place some construction paper “Mary Joe” leaves and enjoy your friends reactions.
  8. Candy Wrapper: This one is for those with a sweet tooth!  Empty some candy wrappers and split them open. Tape or sew them to a t-shirt and add some shades and bling!
  9. Freudian Slip:  Slips are not just for under your dresses anymore!  Ad some quirky Freudian theories such as “ego” , “Oedipal Complex” or get edgy and write “Psycho-sexual Development”
  10. Hawaiian punch: Have an old Hawaiian shirt and a pair of boxing gloves?  Works in a punch!


Read more ideas here (http://www.fetishandfantasyhalloweenball.com/2014/08/punny-costume-ideas-on-a-budget/).

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