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How to be Brave: 20 More Bold Acts that Count

Via @The Bold Life

Author: Tess

Do you see yourself as the bold and courageous person that you are? Do you give yourself credit for the times in the past when you’ve been afraid and you’ve taken action anyway?

I want you to begin to notice just how brave you are. Become aware of the everyday courageous acts that you participate in but don’t give yourself credit for. I’ll bet you could reflect on this past year and come up with numerous bold moments and bold actions.

Bold action doesn’t need to be epic. You don’t need to climb mountains, run for president, travel around the world or learn three languages. Those things are amazing but there’s more to life than fun, adventure and completing big goals.

When you become aware of how many times you’ve overcome small fears it leads to moving through bigger fears. Eventually you’ll not only see yourself as a strong and brave person, you’ll grow beyond what you once thought was impossible.

Each bold act counts: 

When you invest your time in a cause that you believe in.

When you make amends to someone you love.

When you empower yourself by keeping promises.

When you walk away from an argument.

It takes a bold person to act with integrity when everyone else seems to be breaking the rules. Remember: these small acts take courage and confidence. You have done them a million times.

It’s time to own your firepower, commitment and boldness. Give yourself credit. Honor and celebrate who you are and what you have done thus far.

I’m sure you have gotten through some difficult times and events. I’m sure you have done wonderful things for others. I’m sure there have been countless times when you wanted to quit but didn’t.

These things make you brave. They make you bold! 

Use the following to build your courage muscles and become stronger.

1. Stop complaining. Rethink your problems. Most of our issues are only minor inconveniences that we exaggerate.

2. Change. If you don’t like something change it. Problems that are ignored continue to grow. Take one small step.

3. Don’t judge. Recognize your projections. Your issues are never about someone else. If you spot it, you got it.

4. Motivate yourself. My exercise routine has been slipping. I decided to shake things up and run longer distances. I’m entering races again.

5. Hire professional help. Life is too short to stay stuck. Reach out for help. We’re here to do great things. There is no time to waste. Hire a therapist. Call a coach.

6. Rewrite your stories. Let the past go. Let your fear go. Create a positive story about your future. Make it exciting and beautiful.

7. Laugh at your fear. Shrink it in your mind. Tell it you’ll get back to it the second Tuesday of next week. Proceed forward.

8. Let go of suffering. Don’t take things personally. What other people do is about them. How you react is about you.

9. Make a choice to be kind and loving. Be patient. Learn to listen. Compliment others. Make deliberate, loving choices.

10. Keep your promises. Write down what you promise others. Keep your word.

11. Converse face-to-face. Forget email, texting, or calling. Relationships are so much richer when you spend physical time together. Hugs, kisses, touch…all priceless.

12. Get over yourself. Learn to apologize. When you’re wrong, admit it. Let go of the need to be right.

13. Be generous. Leave big tips. Pay for the person standing in line behind you. Begin today, especially if you think you don’t have enough.

14. Give yourself permission to fail. Learn from what went wrong and regroup. Do more research. Keep trying. Most people give up too quickly.

15. Go the extra mile. It’s an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

16. Uplift others when they are down. Be compassionate. Take a walk in somebody else’s shoes.

17. Express yourself. Risk rejection. Say “I love you” and “I appreciate you,” more often.

18. Create a morning routine. Pray, meditate, journal and exercise. Find what fits for you. This one thing will change your mood, attitude and life over time. That’s big.

19. Give up the blame game. You are where you are, doing what you’re doing because of your past choices. You feel what you feel and have what you have because of your choices.

20. Give up the pity pot. Life isn’t fair and everyone experiences tragedy and difficulties. Everyone has lessons to learn and changes to make. Don’t complain. Do something about your problems. Learn to live with a grateful heart. You’re blessed.

I see you. I see your potential. I see your beauty and light. I appreciate the bold and courageous actions you take every day. I believe in you. Thank you for being part of The Bold Life community. Have a great week!

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