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We’re back and filling you in on the jaw-dropping underworld of fetish. You probably thinkinside-the-world-of-fetish_2 you know all about it. After all, you’re a fetish lover yourself. But, your toe-sucking fetish just doesn’t quite cut it when stacked up against these doozies!

Let’s talk about formicophilia. We honestly cannot tell what this would be by its name. Maybe you can? Ok, we’ll give it to you. Eeek, if we can stop imagining bugs crawling all over ourselves first. Yep, this is indeed a fascination (sexually) with bugs or insects and it gets you off. Are you human? How. On. Earth. is this tantalizing to you? We give up – and start scratching and batting all over ourselves because we swear something is crawling on us now.

Can you guess what symphorophilia is? We couldn’t either. But, it IS disturbing. Just picture someone who gets a ‘body high’ from watching tragic disasters or accidents. Yeah, we are all lookie-loo’s, but this takes it to a level that makes us think: Sicko. If this is your thing, maybe you can stick to reenacting accidents safely. Then, we won’t judge you as much.

Ok, last one is…emetophilia. This one literally turns our stomach. It’s arousal by watching someone vomit. Eeew! Right, because sex is the first thought we have when we see someone tossing their cookies. Really? How can this possibly induce a sexual reaction? Huh. Not sure about this one. We vow never to try it.

Well, there you have it and we hope, for your sake, you stick to the, ahem, simpler, more innocent of fetishes. And, if you have to get your freak on, please don’t hurt animals, people, property or yourself, and that pretty much covers it.

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