Victorian Fetish Ball and Fetish Events Around the Globe

The global fetish community is as strong as it has ever been.  With popular events happening all around the world in places like Berlin, London and Los Angeles, finding a place to spark your imagination with like-minded individuals has never been easier.

The fetish community is an inclusive one.  Whether it is BDSM, S&M, latex, leather, or any other popular fetish, chances are you can find a group of enthusiasts looking for the same thing at an event in your city.  Festivals and parties are starting to sneak out of the shadows and make their way into the streets of cities we walk through every day.

Like the global scene, the Denver fetish community is on the rise with more and more events happening every year.  Though despite the rise in popularity, some fetish parties have always had a leg up on others.  The Victorian Fetish Ball is celebrating over a decade and a half of pervy party excellence and dedication with this year’s everything-pink themed Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration!

Not many parties and events, fetish or not, compare to the size and scale of the Victorian Fetish Ball.  Completely taking over the Diamond Cabaret and Diamond After Dark in Denver, Colorado, this party stacks up to fetish events the world over. 

Jane Bardot is a fetish supermodel that has performed at global fetish events in the past year all the way from Vancouver to Atlanta.  This October, Denver’s BDSM and fetish community has the once in a lifetime chance to see her perform alongside 60+ other sensual and erotic performers across 7 stages at the Victorian Fetish Ball.

Wearing a costume is essential to getting into the vibe of this year’s Ball.  In fact, it is so essential; you won’t get in without one.  So come prepared.  This party also features multiple DJ’s playing many different styles of music throughout room after room of wild erotic entertainment. 

Get the VIP party package and don’t miss out on your chance to come to our private pre-show VIP reception for a photo signing by the Jean Bardot, BDSM and dominatrix superstar.  Also with our VIP package (back by popular demand,) you get access to an Erotic Garden of Eden, a stage for guests to perform their own wildest fetish fantasies, and a private VIP bar!

Be a part of the Victorian Fetish Ball and celebrate the global fetish community right here in Denver!